MedX Dental Laser Console System

MedX Dental Console has three ports and includes a tethered version of the OralaseTM, a 200mW near infrared laser, and two SLD clusters which combine visible red and infrared energy. The larger console has pre-set protocols, or can easily be programmed to select the desired dose in either continuous or pulsed mode. Two pairs of laser safety goggles are provided.

MedX Dental Laser Console

MedX Dental Laser Console System - 3120

Includes: MedX Console (MBM1100N), Dental Laser (LPT201/ 200mW), two SLD Clusters (MCT1001) with (2) Light Guides (8 mm x 90 mm and 8 mm x 25 mm)

*Only available for purchase in the USA

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